Tips for the safe use of your card

Secure Card Storage

  • Once you receive your card, sign on the back of it, immediately.
  • Make sure you have the card with you or store it in a safe place.
  • Please phone +30 210 6244222 to register immediately the loss.
  • Do not give the number, expiration date or security code of your card as the CVV2 * over the phone unless you know and trust the company that you are dealing with (the CVV2 is the three digit number on the right of the signature field on the back of the card. usually asked to trade away from mail order ie, transactions on the Internet, telephone orders, etc.).
  • The card is strictly personal; do not allow anyone else to use it.
  • Make sure you received your card after each transaction.
  • If your card is retained by an ATM do not trust any strangers who volunteered to help. Contact immediately the bank at the phones screened on ATM's.
  • Once the transaction is made through ATM, be sure to get the card and the proof of your transaction.

Safe Use and secure storage of your PIN

  • As soon as you receive the special form of safety with your PIN, memorize it and do not write anything.
  • Never disclose to anyone your PIN, even if some claim that they are employees or officers of the Bank. Banks will never ask for your PIN. You are the only one who knows your PIN and can be used for transactions at ATMs.
  • When you enter your PIN at the ATM cover your hand and make sure that the next customer is at a safe distance.

Proper use of the card

  • Keep receipts (debit receipts) from purchases or cash withdrawals and confirm them with the transactions listed in the monthly statement of your account (statement).
  • Inform us when you have transactions that haven't been (made) purchased by you.
  • Use your credit card wisely and within your financial capabilities.
  • Pay on time your account so you won't be charged with delay fees.
  • Perform transactions within your credit limit to avoid the cost burden of your monthly payment by the amount of the excess of your limit.

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